AI Inspections

The Levatas AI inspections tools below have been trained on real world data, and are out in the field creating value for our enterprise-scale customers right now.

Thermal Anomaly Detection

AI Model Overview

The cutting-edge Thermal Anomaly Detection model by Levatas leverages infrared thermal imaging to identify temperature irregularities across diverse devices. Capable of simultaneously monitoring multiple devices, it compares their temperatures to ascertain operational status against predefined norms. This system ensures efficient anomaly detection for enhanced device performance and safety.

  • Rooftop Leaks
  • Standing Water
  • Mold
  • Hotspots
  • Partial Discharge/Arc Flashing
  • Offline Assets
  • Overheating Oil
  • Temperature defining sediment in oil tanks
  • Overheating motors and bearings
  • Steam leaks on assembly lines

Technical Information

The architecture of this model facilitates precise temperature monitoring for designated devices within an image
Standard statistical