If you don't like change, you are
going to like irrelevance even less.

Integrated Data

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, yet many companies fail to integrate it, keeping their most precious asset in disconnected silos. We specialize in organizing and desegregating disparate systems into a centralized data store.

Marketing Intelligence & Predictive Analytics

Our team of engineers, experience architects and marketers work together to build smart dashboards and predictive models using the best in new technologies, all designed to drive your business forward with intelligent insights for marketing, CX and more.

Emerging Technology

We constantly work to keep pace with evolving technology trends and challenge ourselves with projects in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and augmented reality.

In The News

New research from Harvard Business Review indicates, perhaps unsurprisingly, that companies using technology throughout their operations financially outperform those that do not, and attempts to understand what the leaders have in common.

The CEO of Quanta, a Paris-based analytics provider, explores how predictive analytics are defining consumer behavior, and explains how marketers should use data mining technology to drive highly targeted campaigns.

Is solving the problem of industrial customer churn as simple as eliminating its known causes? The Microsoft Azure team takes a look at how machine learning can help us better understand the complexities of churn.

PC Mag takes a deep dive into predictive analytics and big data, exploring how data mining, regression analysis, machine learning and more are rapidly changing the way we do business.

Levatas Administrator

Whether building a great technology product or a seamless, omni-channel marketing experience, data - and the insights we find within that data - should be at the center. Our goal is to eliminate guess work.

Daniel Bruce
EVP Data & Analytics

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