AI Model Library

Levatas has developed an entire library of enterprise-grade visual AI models for industrial inspection across safety, security and asset maintenance inspection needs.

Hardware Agnostic

The AI tools from Levatas enable drones, ground robots, uncrewed submersibles, fixed cameras, satellites and more. For any capture devices with cameras, we can help.

Deploy Anywhere

Levatas deploys containerized solutions that exist wherever our customers need them to be- in their private cloud, on premise servers or of course, on the edge.

Human Guided

With a human in the loop engine that knows when to validate AI results with human subject matter experts, Levatas is able to get AI models producing value, rapidly.

Always Your Data

Our customers' data never leaves their network for processing, which means Levatas solutions intrinsically adhere to any cybersecurity protocols and policies.

Custom Development

Our large customers have a variety of different enterprise systems for inspection and asset management, security, etc, so our API was built for any integration needs.

How It Works

The Levatas Cognitive Inspection Platform enables autonomous drones, ground robots, uncrewed submersibles, fixed cameras and satellites with powerful visual AI inspection models, allowing them to understand what they're seeing, and what to do about it.

Field Devices

AI Models, Capabilities & Integrations

Thermal Anomaly Detection
Analog Gauge Reading
Digital Meter Reading
Sight Glass
Unauthorized Person Detection
Unexpected Object Detection
People Detection & Counting
Vehicle Detection & Counting
Asset ID & Text Reading
Tools/Parts Monitoring
Door Open/Closed Monitoring
Liquid Spill Detection
Fire Safety Monitoring
Unexpected Debris Detection
Insulator Condition Assesment
Powerline & Pole Assessment
Indicator Light Monitoring
Powerline Splice Detection
Fence Damage Monitoring
Valve Position Monitoring
Smoke & Fire Detection
Belt Sag Assessment
Crack Detection
Fuel Island Monitoring
Generative AI Models
Open Source

AI Solutions

Yard Awareness
Production Defect Detection
Fire Watch
Parking Capacity Awareness
Vehicle Damage Assessment
Solar Field Assessment
Roof & Facade Inspection

Platform Features

Human In the Loop
Predictive Analytics

Customer Environments & Systems

Our Approach to Pricing

Levatas AI is made available to our customers through a variety of flexible pricing options that are based on the needs and goals of each customer. Custom development and enterprise discounts are available.

Facility License,
includes 3 devices
$27,500 / per year per facility

For customers with broad ranging inspections needs throughout their facilities, both indoor and outdoor, we provide a per facility license that covers up to 3 devices. More robots/drones may be added to this license for $5,000 per year, per additional device.

Individual Robot/Drone License
$12,500 / per year per device

For customers who are planning to deploy autonomous inspections systems at smaller facilities that may not require more than one inspection device, we provide individual licensing as a lower cost option.

Custom Model Development
Pricing based on scope

For organizations interested in developing custom AI models for specific use cases, the Levatas team will work closely with our customer's team to clearly understand and scope requirements, before delivering a custom solution.

Enterprise Pricing & Discounts Available
Up to a 30% discount available

As organizations deploy autonomous inspections solutions at scale across their assets, Levatas provides discounts based on licensing volume and multi-year licensing terms. Please get in touch to discuss these options with our team.