With Recon, enterprise-grade Visual AI is finally here

Recon is a customizable and integration-ready
Visual AI platform

Images & Video

Performing Pre-Processing,
Image Prep, & Data Extraction

Model Development
& Deployment

Image & Model

Feedback Loop for
Model Learning

Information Delivery
for Decisions

& Analytics


water damage • 95%

Recon AI Assessment
// Residential Roof
// Water Damage Detected
// 95% AI Confidence Score

Estimated affected area:
// 50 square feet

Recommended Action:
// Alert Field Team

Know what your
images know

With Recon, computer vision algorithms can be deployed and optimized for any number of use cases across your business. The platform's image recognition capabilities are bolstered by our patent-pending decisioning engine, as well as Recon's 'click and drag' workflow management tools.

Smarter Workflows

Once your source images/videos have been connected into the platform, Recon's AI-supported workflow tools enable end-to-end program creation, management and monitoring.

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Store Your Visual Data

Recon provides a secure, cloud-based repository for your organization to centrally store all of your visual data. This gives you easy access to your datasets whenever you need them.

Data-driven Decision Making with Recon

The Recon platform provides built-in Visual AI analytics for monitoring program performance and optimizing ROI. AI performance is tracked alongside human involvement in order to help understand program costs and ROI windows.

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Computer vision technologies are able to help at various stages of the manufacturing process. Our solutions can keep production efficient, on-time, and safe.

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Computer vision technology can reduce risk of loss, helping to keep insurance premiums low in the commercial and residential markets. Identification of dangerous/urgent conditions will help homeowners, property owners and renters to do appropriate maintenance and/or repairs in advance of them becoming emergent conditions.

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Guest Experience

Using the latest advancements in facial recognition, sentiment analysis, and thermal mapping, we can understand both trends and individual needs to improve the guest experience. Manage heavy crowds, provide personal recommendations, and better understand your guests so you can optimize every aspect of how your customers experience your brand.

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Leveraging images captured by drones and other devices, farmers now have a better understanding of their crops. When combined with AI, crops can now be better planned and protected for more yield.

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Safety is priority #1 when it comes to construction sites. By quickly alerting you to safety risks, our CV solutions can identify an employee too close to danger, or an employee not wearing the proper safety attire. We can also help to zero-in on potential risky structures.

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Anomaly Detection

Across a wide array of industries, computer vision can be used to quickly locate areas of concern within operations. Whether it be in production on the factory floor or out in the field, vast amounts of images can be quickly processed to assess and hone in on areas for concern.

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