Levatas Ventures is designed for investors and growing companies.

For early stage companies, we provide business insights and technology strategy needed to mature into thriving, healthy organizations. This can include frameworks for digital technology, strategy, planning, design, scoping and prototyping; all capabilities aimed to unlock the ability for businesses to raise capital and go to market. For those looking to invest, we provide technology vetting and consultation services that augment the traditional investors due diligence process, confirming or affirming their decision to provide capital to portfolio companies.

With the leadership of seasoned technology investor and advisor to startups, Andrew Boyland, our partners gain direct access to Levatas’ robust technology capabilities and the agency’s deep bench of over 100 digital technologists. This team includes strategists, user experience (UX) architects, user interface (UI) designers, programmers, quality assurance engineers, and digital marketers.

Businesses and investors partner with Levatas Ventures for deep understanding of a company’s technology strategy, execution plan, and market viability, along with several key outputs that help the entrepreneur arrive at the next level of growth, whether that be raising capital or launching successfully. If you are an investment fund or an entrepreneur with a great idea, we invite you to reach out to Levatas Ventures at

From left to right:
Chris Nielsen, Levatas Founder
Andy Boyland, CEO of Levatas Ventures
Daniel Bruce, Levatas Partner

What does an engagement with Ventures look like?

1. Say hello

  • Drop us a line to introduce yourself and tell us about your company.
  • Explain why you think you’re a good fit for Ventures.

2. Let’s talk business

  • Submit a two-page executive summary of your business plan. This should include product vision, topline financials, and critical success factors.

3. Meet & Greet

  • Schedule an onsite meeting at our office. This will be a comprehensive discovery.
  • Come prepared to discuss competitive positioning, leadership team, sales and marketing strategy, financing requirements and exit strategy.

4. Innovation Workshop

  • Our two-day workshop establishes vision, defines strategy and maps out project plans. Each workshop produces a series of business tools including user personas, feature prioritization, product roadmaps, UX architecture, UI design, and more.

What's Next?

Following the innovation workshop, entrepreneurs and growing companies will have the tools they need to achieve their goals and a roadmap for getting it done. Whether that be raising capital, going to market or amplifying their existing efforts, Levatas Ventures will then make key introductions to our network of capital partners.